Issue 11, Harnessing private sector support for transboundary water

Shared Corporate Engagement:

This briefing looks at contemporary shared frameworks, policies, processes and standards of corporate engagement in transboundary water settings with reference to case studies to consider where we are and where we might want to go.

Issue 10, Water and Urban Development

Shared Approach:

City networks, a shared approach to sustainable urban development and integrated water management

Issue 9, Transboundary Water Technologies

Shared Innovation:

Technology can help to solve transboundary environmental problems and increase the efficiency of natural resource use. However, innovative tools must be matched with political will.

Issue 8, Gender and Transboundary Water

Shared Participation:

Four guest authors apply a gender lens to the challenges of water security and transboundary cooperation, and discuss methods for achieving the SDG of Gender Equality in the water sector.

Issue 7, International Water Law

Shared Watercourses:

Examining the evolution of international water law and its impact on transboundary cooperation and conflict.

December, 2020
Issue 6, Transboundary Dams

Shared Responsibility:

Examining the costs and benefits of dams that reshape the environment across political boundaries.

May 2020
Issue 5, Water Cyber Security

Shared Protection:

Threats and approach to cyber security in the water sector in a transboundary context

January 2020
Issue 4, Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Shared Policies:

Guest author Mike Hightower shares his insights on the W-E-F Nexus

December 2019
Issue 3, Climate Finance

Shared Financing:

This issue considers the role of Climate Finance in addressing water and climate change.

Issue 2, Wastewater

Shared Infrastructure:

Challenges and benefits of cross boundary collaboration