Welcome to the MEDRC Water Research Fellowship Program Page

The MEDRC Water Research Fellowship program is committed to developing the professional skills and technical research capacity of young water researchers in Palestine and Jordan. We work closely with Fellows to enhance their capacity across a number of areas. In addition to funding for their Master’s research, MEDRC Fellows receive various benefits related to academic and technical training, professional skills and leadership development, global engagement, and community service. Beyond basic scholarship funding, MEDRC Fellows are active partners with MEDRC to develop the local research capacity of Palestine and Jordan to find sustainable solutions to fresh water scarcity.

MEDRC Water Research Fellowships

Jordanian and Palestinian students can apply for a PhD or MSc Fellowship at participating Universities. Please note that selection and award administration is conducted though the Participating University, in coordination with the Palestinian Water Authority and the Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation as agreed. The Fellowship is awarded by MEDRC, and all applications are submitted to MEDRC for administrative review. All applicant queries should be dealt with in coordination between the implementing university and the PWA or the MWI as appropriate.

The MEDRC MSc Fellowship Program is open for applications. Please find the full call document below.

Call for MSc Fellowship 2022 Palestine

Call for MSc Fellowship 2022 Jordan

The application closing date is September 15, 2022.

Innovation Initiative Award

MEDRC is funding water research grants in Palestine and Jordan to help support young researchers who are working to develop the science and tools necessary to achieve sustainable solutions to water scarcity. The Innovation Initiative will provide support funds ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 USD per project, to a small selection of promising projects in relevant areas of water research. Candidates will be scored across comprehensive criteria reflecting the strength of the research proposal, the innovation of the approach, and the strategic impact of the project on local and regional water challenges. Special consideration will be given to projects also integrating renewable energy.

Call for applications 2022 – Palestine 

Call for applications 2022 – Jordan

Last day to apply: February 26, 2022.