MEDRC Water Research are proud to host a custom-built Water Training Centre at our headquarters in Muscat.

It is the only such facility in the region and includes training laboratories, seminar rooms, a solar array and a reverse osmosis desalination plant built especially for training and research purposes. Trainees who attend a MEDRC training course will graduate with knowledge and skills that can be put into practice at any reverse osmosis desalination plant, no matter the scale or size. To date more than 200 commercial training sessions covering all aspects of the water sector including waste water, solar desalination, water laboratory testing, plant design and costing, have been delivered to more than 700 students.


Course: RO Operation, Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Date: 18 -21 September, 2023

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Next courses:

October: RO Operation, Monitoring & Troubleshooting (Hands on)

November: RO feature of optimum design and post treatment


  1. Only dedicated desalination training center in the Middle East
  2. Internationally renowned expert trainers at all levels
  3. Hands-On Training in pre-& post treatment processes
  4. Wide variety of courses available from basic operations through to plant design & management
  5. State of the art training facility allows for a customizable training experience


  • Our training plant offers extensive flexibility allowing us to adjust parameters such as; produced water quality; quantity; and feed water salinity in order to create a variety of training scenarios
  • Includes extra instrumentation and sampling points at every stage of the water treatment process, helping to cement learning
  • Ability to create problems such as chemical attack, scaling & fouling for troubleshooting techniques
  • Training includes classroom instruction in the theoretical aspects of the technologies and practical training in water processing

  • Actual processing under real operating conditions using industry standard processing equipment
  • Highly qualified professional instructors
  • Trainee proficiency tested by formal examinations
  • Certificates awarded upon successful completion course


Our Training Program provides high-quality specialized training for engineers and professional technicians who are or will be operating desalination plants or plants processing wastewater for reuse.

Technical competence is a necessity for efficient operation of desalination plants. Plants with employees who are well trained in the relevant technology and operations perform significantly better than those with lower levels of training.

Training includes classroom instruction in the theoretical aspects of the technologies and practical training in water processing. The program is divided into various levels with each level tailored to suit staff positions from entry level (newcomers & students) through to level 3 (engineers & designers).Training can be modified as necessary to meet the needs of the operating companies of desalination plants in Oman and elsewhere in the MENA region.

Training at Your Facility

Let our training services come to you. Ideal for those who need customized instruction, our trainers can tailor the curriculum with company-specific examples designed to address challenges familiar to your staff.

Regional Training

We have the flexibility to extend our training services beyond the confines of our training facility at MEDRC Headquarters. We can develop bespoke training and consultancy services to respond to specific areas of need that can be delivered outside of Oman in the MENA region.

MEDRC Water Research is licensed to deliver, among others, both David H Paul & Nikolay Voutchkov training courses in the MENA region.

Please contact us if you are looking for training services in any of the following topics

  • Reverse Osmosis Operation, Monitoring & troubleshooting
  • Reverse Osmosis Operation and Features of Optimal Design
  • Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment
  • Reverse Osmosis System Design
  • Seawater Reverse Osmosis System Cost estimation
  • Reverse Osmosis post treatment
  • Training in water desalination technology customized to your needs

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1 - 4 March 2020

APRIL 7-9, 2020



Since we were established in 1996, MEDRC Water Research has been offering consultancy services to organizations throughout the MENA region. We have over 20 years of technical expertise and on the ground experience in reverse osmosis desalination technologies.

We specialize in seawater and brackish water purification using membrane technologies and offer consultancy services on the following topics; Design review / Performance acceptance test / Data tracking & troubleshooting / Membrane autopsy / Chemical cleaning

Contact us today to avail of a world class, cost effective, personalized consultancy service.


The TAHLYA vocational training program in desalination aims to train young Omani nationals in reverse osmosis desalination. The program is sponsored by BP Oman through their social investment program.  Training takes place MEDRC’s water research and training center in Muscat.

The application window for TAHLYA 2022 batch 1 is now open. Apply now.

First launched in 2016, TAHLYA aims to create a pool of skilled employable labor to help meet the manpower requirements of the countries expanding desalination sector. Training is delivered using a three-tiered developmental approach providing students with a strong academic and practical education and building a familiarity with real scale desalination plants and procedures.

The program consists of theory and practical training (laboratory & plant)  on site at MEDRC and culminates with a  15-20 day observational internship in large scale desalination plants – providing valuable real world job experience. MEDRC are honored to have the continued support of BP Oman and look forward to beginning TAHLYA 2021 classes in May.


In July 2020, through the support of BP Oman’s Social Investment Program, MEDRC  announced a new training course, TAHLYA for SMEs, to encourage new Omani enterprises in the water treatment sector and boost job creation and economic growth.

The 3-month long intensive training course will be delivered at MEDRC’s state of the art water training centre in Muscat. MEDRC’s Head of Training Eng. Riadh Dridi will teach trainees how to assess water supply requirements and to design, procure, build, install and maintain small-scale plants, meeting the needs of a variety of consumers from private residencies through to farmers, schools and mosques.

The program focuses on two key areas of treatment – solar desalination and grey water. Augmenting the 3 month long technical training at MEDRC, business modules and a pre incubation program will be delivered through the support of program partners Riyada and Sharakah.

The program is open to graduates of the TAHLYA Supervisor program.

“Through the support of our partners we will deliver a comprehensive training program that will build the capacity of our brightest young graduates and put them on the pathway to self employment and job creation. ”


Ciarán Ó Cuinn, MEDRC Center Director



"I am proud to be the first Omani and GCC national woman to work as a Supervisor in desalination operations for Veolia..."

Ms. Qamriya Al Meghrazi, TAHLYA graduate, 2018

"With the rapid development of the desalination sector in Oman, project investors will naturally look to utilize local resources to run their production units …. the TAHLYA program is a very promising program in which a new generation of Omani’s will learn of the desalination process and therefore become a very knowledgeable asset for recruiters..."

Abdullah Said Al-Sadi, Business Development Manager, Majis Industrial Services.




We work with the best content providers globally. Crucially we ensure all of our programs are continuously updated to match the most up-to-date technology and equipment needs. MEDRC has access to a wide network of international trainers and experts allowing us to meet specific training requirements in desalination, waste water treatment and water reuse.

Eng. Riadh Dridi

Head of Training

Eng. Riadh brings to our team over 20 years’ experience in engineering supervision, project management and consultancy services covering design, operations, maintenance, and costings of all water treatment systems, be it desalination or waste water. Hailing from Tunisia, he earned his B.Eng. Degree in Geo-resources and Environment from the National Engineering Institute in Sfax, Tunisia. If you can’t find him in his office you will find him in his white coat, doing tests and membrane analysis, or in the RO Plant warehouse training staff from various levels in the desalination field.

President of Water Globe Consulting Nikolay has over 25 years of experience in the field of desalination and water reuse. He currently works as an independent technical advisor to public utilities and private companies implementing large desalination projects in the Middle East, Australia, South Africa and the USA. At present, Mr. Voutchkov provides RO desalination plant operation optimization and troubleshooting services for large SWRO desalination plants in Oman, Bahrain, and the UAE. He has extensive expertise with all phases of project delivery: from conceptual scoping, pilot testing and feasibility analysis; to front-end and detailed project design; contractor procurement; project construction and operation optimization and troubleshooting.
Mr. Voutchkov has published over 30 technical articles and co-authored 10 books on membrane water treatment and desalination.


Nikolay Voutchkov PE, BCEE