Supporting Research and Innovation in the Palestinian Water Sector

A two day event to support research and innovation in the Palestinian water sector was held recently in Gaza, as part of a week highlighting scientific research in Palestine. The events were co-hosted by the Palestinian Water Authority, the Islamic University of Gaza, Al-Azhar University and MEDRC.  Annually MEDRC hosts many events in cooperation with current students and alumni of the MEDRC Water Research Fellowship Program. This event was attended by over 100 alumni, current MEDRC fellows and supervisors. 12 alumni of the MEDRC Water Research Fellowship presented their research in the fields of water management, reuse and desalination. Since 2012, over 120 MEDRC Fellows have been supported in their research related to water resources management, on topics ranging from solar systems using parabolic mirrors for water desalination unit; reform of the legal framework in the water sector; and the effect of water borne diseases due to Climate Change in Gaza. 

In addition, the MEDRC delegation visited the Deir Al Balah desalination plant. There they met with staff from the Coastal Municipal Water Authority for a discussion of the challenges facing the Palestinian water sector and to identify areas for further collaboration. 

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