STOMO Staff from Barka II attend CPET training

In accordance with its core mission; to build capacity within the water sector of Oman and the wider MENA region, MEDRC Water Research run an in-house training programme from their state of the art Reverse Osmosis pilot plant and facility in Muscat, Oman. The programme (Continued Professional Educational Training or CPET for short) encompasses both classroom instruction in the theoretical aspects of the technologies and practical training in water processing.
With a view to increasing the knowledge and competencies of their workforce STOMO elected to send their employees on a four-day classroom training course delivered by Eng. Riadh Dridi, Head of Training at MEDRC Water Research.
The course entitled “Barka II SWRO Desalination Plant Operation, Monitoring & Troubleshooting” was specifically tailored to suit Barka II Desalination Plant specifications. Over the course of the four days, participants were provided with a practical understanding of key SWRO desalination plant processes (Intake, Pretreatment, SWRO unit and Post Treatment) and focused on plant process, chemical use and equipment operation, monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization.

STOMO run the operational and maintenance responsibilities of the the Barka II Power and Desalination Plant and utilize Reverse Osmosis technology to deliver 120,000 cubic meters per day of potable water to the Oman Transmission System and gas and steam turbines to deliver 678 MW of electrical power to the Sultanate of Oman.