New CSR Initiative Aimed at the Youth of Oman


80 Students from Muscat Schools Visit MEDRC

MEDRC invited 80 Muscat students from grade 6 to come to their Desalination Training Center in Al Hail, to allow the students to get an overview of the water sources in Oman. The day was split into 4 main activities:

1) Water conservation & Omani indigenous plants

2) How an aquifer works, and building your own

3) A lecture and tour of our Reverse Osmosis Pilot Plant 

4) Oman’s water resources  

The students arrived at 8:30 am where they were welcomed by MEDRC staff. Their day started with a brief presentation about MEDRC and Oman’s water resources, after that they were split into groups to resume with the rest of the activities listed above. The Students were given a workbook prepared by MEDRC with various activities on the topics discussed during the day.

Since MEDRC is the leading center in water desalination research and training in the region, it plans to continue this initiative by inviting all private and public schools within the Sultanate to participate in the program. MEDRC believes that it is not only important to support awareness of water needs and conservation at a young age but also that the youth of Oman become aware of Omani water resources and needs.