MEDRC to contribute to water terminology at Arab-term project, GIZ, Morocco

A contract has been signed between MEDRC and GIZ Morocco with the aim to contribute to water and desalination terminology at Arab-term project. The specific purpose of the contract is: the compilation and translation of 500 entries (terms and definitions) from the domains “water nanotechnology” and ” desalination”, in Arabic, English (definitions) and Arabic, English and French (terms), for use within the water technology dictionary volume on . The overall objective of the “Supra-regional Arab-German Dictionary” is : The conceptual basis for international and regional professional dialogue in Arab countries has improved in certain areas of technology, and more specifically for the current phase: The conceptual creation and continuous update of technical terminology is anchored within the partner organization’s structure. The target groups of the project are teachers of vocational and higher education in the field of technical training, technical specialists and managers (skilled workers, technicians, and engineers), trainees, students and professional linguists and translators. From MEDRC side, the research department will carry out this project with contributions from the training department.