MEDRC supports another 8 researchers from Palestine and Jordan in creating solutions to water scarcity

Photo: Innovation Initiative researcher Rinad Hamed, Palestine

MEDRC has awarded eight researchers from Palestine and Jordan with an Innovation Initiative grant, for the development of new tools and techniques that help tackle water scarcity in the two countries. Among the 2021 award winning projects are an assessment of wastewater from dental clinics and potential methods for its treatment using natural, environmentally friendly adsorbents, and the fabrication of a membrane of Nano materials for the treatment of wastewater separated from crude oil sludge. Such projects help to increase the reuse of wastewater, which in turn contributes to the protection of natural water resources.

MEDRC initiated the Innovation Initiative grant awards in 2018 to boost innovation in the water sectors of Palestine and Jordan by supporting impactful projects, with the specific aim of moving research work from a laboratory setting to the field. With the Innovation Initiative program, MEDRC wants to spur the development of practical tools for water professionals, as well as instruments or methods that provide an impetus for start-ups in the water and agricultural sectors or that are otherwise commercially viable.

An example of research from previous years that has been successfully transformed from the experimental phase to practical use is the work of MEDRC alumna Eng. Rinad Hamed. She introduced a new method in the West Bank, Palestine, to make plants more resilient for cultivation in saline soil by treating their seeds with special bacteria. Crops grown from the treated seeds can be used as animal feed in the near future.

Since 2011, MEDRC has supported over 300 water research projects in Palestine and Jordan. More information about MEDRC’s Water Research program and its capacity building activities in both countries can be found on: