MEDRC Supports Additional 15 Promising Water Research Projects in Palestine and Jordan

New Batch of MSc Fellowships for 2020 Brings Total to 300

15 researchers from Palestine and Jordan will be participating in MEDRC’s Water Research Fellowship Program, starting this academic year.

MEDRC supported MSc research projects address an immediate need or specific problem as identified in conjunction with the water authorities of Jordan and Palestine.

This year’s topics include: non-revenue water and the use of domestic water meters; anthropogenic metal pollution in a wadi catchment area and spatiotemporal evaluation of soil moisture using low-cost sensors and remote sensing techniques.

In addition to the MSc Fellowships, MEDRC also supports 10 PhD projects in water research. MEDRC also supports the Innovation Initiative, a scheme that provides annual funding for researchers to continue or expand their research from a laboratory setting to the field for practical applications. In total, over 300 Fellows from Palestine and Jordan were able to conduct their research with support from MEDRC since 2012.

The successful researchers secured their Fellowship Awards by panels representing universities and water authorities who assessed the research proposals according to criteria in line with national water research priorities, sustainability and innovation.