MEDRC Research Fellows Present Water Projects to over 100 Experts in the Field


 Event held at An-Najah University, Palestine

MEDRC Water Research Fellows in the fields of waste water, water management and desalination have concluded a one day MEDRC research workshop held in cooperation with partner Universities in the West Bank, and the Palestinian Water Authority. The workshop provided a platform for MEDRC Fellows to present their work to water research experts in Palestine. Research projects presented included:

  • Solar Desalination
  • Phytoremediation for Treatment of Brackish Water fromReverse Osmosis Plantsw
  • Feasibility of Membrane Based Treatment Technologies forBrackish Water Desalination and Effluent Reclamation in the Jordan Valley
  • Engineering Management and Financial Analysis of Al FashkhaSprings Desalination Project
  • Impact of Irrigation with Desalinated Brackish Water on theProductivity and Fruit
  • Techno-Economic Analysis of Using Photovoltaic System ofWaterDesalination in Al-Maleh Region

The event is part of MEDRCs ongoing programs of cooperation with current students and alumni of the MEDRC Water Research Fellowship Program. 

During this event the pilot MEDRC PhD program 2017 was presented to the universities.

Researchers in the field of water management, water reuse, desalination and waste water, can apply to the 2017 water research program.

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