MEDRC Regional Research Scholarships Announced

Palestinian, Omani, and Jordanian ResearchersSupported

More Than 100 MEDRC Research Scholars across MENA Region

 MEDRC today announced details of the successful research projects to be funded under the 2014 Regional Research Support Program. This program supports exceptionally talented researchers from MEDRC Member States in the MENA region. Projects supported must focus on solutions to the strategic fresh water needs of the region. 

 Mohammed Al-Aufy (Omani) 

Will be supported in doctoral research on the treatment of co-produced water using forward osmosis for low salinity water injection and Enhanced Oil Recovery. The research will be conducted at the University of Surrey in the UK. 

Yousef Nasereddin (Jordanian) 

Will be supported in MSc research at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. His research focus is in reducing the corrosivity of desalination effluent through controlling the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI).

Karam Shammala (Palestinian)

Will be supported at the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands. His MSc research will focus on particulate/colloidal organic matter fouling: relationship between pre-treatment and fouling of SWRO membranes.

Alaa Samir Ouda (Palestinian) 

Will be supported for research conducted at the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands. His research will focus on optimizing pre-treatment for SWRO systems: inline coagulation with ultrafiltration membranes.

By supporting this research, MEDRC aims to make a contribution to the search for solutions to fresh water scarcity in this region. We are also supporting exceptionally talented researchers to gain skills that will make a long-term contribution to the further development of desalination in their respective countries while increasing cross-cultural understanding by stimulating international exchange.

 Congratulating this year’s successful researchers, MEDRC Center Director, Ciarán Ó Cuinn said; ‘These researchers will join more than 100 MEDRC Research Scholars across the MENA region who are making a real difference in helping us respond to the challenge of fresh water scarcity. These are exceptional individuals and it is an honor for MEDRC to support them’.