MEDRC Invite Master’s Students to Join Project Based Research Team

July 4, 2019: MEDRC is calling for applications from Master’s Degree students in Oman to join an international team of experts working on the project ‘Use of end of life reverse osmosis membranes to treat wastewater for industrial and agricultural use’.

The research project will deliver an in-depth analysis of membrane use in Oman, including an assessment of the life cycle of RO membranes and the annual mass being consigned to landfill. The project will examine the technical feasibility of removing the outer layer of the membrane and modifying the unit to effectively treat wastewater for agricultural and industrial use.

As part of the project, a testing unit will be built to perform trials on the recovered membranes at MEDRC’s water research and training facility in Al Hail. The organization’s on-site water testing laboratory will be used to conduct all water analysis.

MEDRC will leverage its extensive research network to bring in international expertise from renowned water research entities IMDEA Agua (Spain) and Valoriza Aqua (Spain) and link them with national experts from the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) Majis Industrial Services (Majis) and Haya Water.

The project is delivered by MEDRC and The Research Council of Oman under the Strategic Water Research Program which is funded by the Sultan Qaboos Higher Center for Culture and Science.

Three positions will be awarded to high performing aspiring candidates who are enrolled in a Master’s Degree Program and are interested in pursuing a career in water. A monthly stipend will be provided. Interested candidates must apply before July 23, 2019.

• Candidates will have enrolled in a water related Master’s Degree Program in Oman for the academic year 2019/2020
• Candidates will use the project as a topic for their final thesis

Application Details Required:
• Cover letter
• Curriculum Vitae
• Student recommendation letter from university
• Proof of subscription / intention to subscribe to Master’s Program
• Copy of university identity card

The successful candidate will:
• Assist in conducting analysis of end of life RO membranes
• Assist in modification of RO membranes
• Assist in the design & installation of the wastewater treatment unit
• Assist in the quality assessment of the treated water and its impact on crops
• Explore areas of opportunity for application of research output

For further details or to apply email

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