MEDRC Hosts First Ever Oman Desalination Operators Forum

New Initiative to Help Secure Water Supplies and Overcome Shared Challenges

  • Initiative brought together more than 25 of the key players in the desalination sector in Oman.
  • Operators from each desalination plant over 20,000 cubic meters per day in the Sultanate of Oman were   present.
  • The process, which was chaired by MEDRC, gave the participants an unique opportunity to share best practices and discuss innovative new technologies and approaches to the challenge of providing secure and affordable fresh water for Oman.
  • Each participating organization presented a case study of resolved or ongoing water issue.
  • Topics discussed included HABS (Harmful Algae Blooms), reducing the cost and energy requirement of desalination.
  • MEDRC presented details of its training syllabus and led a discussion on the strategic training needs of Oman in the water sector and the need to support Omanization.
  • There was an update on MEDRCs HABS research project that is bringing together international experts to design an early warning system for HABS in the Gulf.
  • Commenting of the event, MEDRC’s Center Director, Ciaran O Cuinn stated; “MEDRC’s mission is to find solutions to fresh water scarcity here in Oman and across our region. Working with partners such as the Oman Water Society, the Universities and now, through the Operators Forum, with Industry we can hopefully drive progress in our shared goal of affordable and sustainable fresh water for all.”