MEDRC gather leading Omani desalination researchers

December 18th, 2018: MEDRC convened the 4th meeting of their Omani Desalination Researchers Network (OMDEREN) at their headquarters, in Al Hail, Muscat. Leading Omani based researchers were invited to the event which was held under the topic ‘Good Practices of Water and Wastewater Management’.

First launched by MEDRC in 2016 the network aims to provide a platform to highlight new research findings, produce collaborations and coordinate the focus of Oman’s leading water experts on water challenges specific to Oman.

Making the opening remarks on the day, Dr. Jauad El Kharraz, Head of Research at MEDRC said, ‘the aim of today’s event is to highlight current examples of best practice and to present applicable solutions to specific problems relating to water management across a variety of sectors and scenarios”.

Dr. Ayisha Al Khatri, Head of Water Statistics Section at the Water Resources Monitoring Department, Ministry of Regional Municipalities, kicked off the meeting with a presentation on the impacts of agriculture on groundwater aquifers in the south Al Batinah coastal area.

As part of the Alumni Lecture Series, which offers exceptional MEDRC Fellows opportunities to present their research findings to distinguished audiences at key events, two Alumnae were invited to attend and made presentations on the day. Eng. Weam Al Mahdawi and Eng. Manal Al Shraideh are recipients of MEDRC Fellowships (MSc) and graduates of Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). The MEDRC fellowship program is a unique initiative designed to support research capacity in Jordan and Palestine, offering brilliant young researchers with the aptitude but without the means, the chance to further their studies in the field of water research.

The audience comprised of researchers and experts representing institutions, universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as those from the private sector involved in desalination and water research in Oman.

Among the presenters on the day were;

Ms. Bishara Al-Marzuqi, Wastewater Treatment Specialist Assistant, TRC
Eng. Hamed Al Dhuhli, Head of Irrigation Research Section, Ministry of Agricultural & Fisheries
Eng. Abdullah Al Balushi, Omani Young Water Researchers Award Winner of 2018 postgraduate category, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Eng. Azza Al Subhi, Omani Young Water Researchers Award Winner of 2018, undergraduate category, International Maritime College Oman (IMCO)
Eng. Alaa Said Al Jradani, Process Engineer, Haya Water Company
Dr. Varghese Manappallil Joy, Research Assistant, National University of Science &Technology (NUST)
Mr. Saif Al Sharji, Infrastructure project manager, TRC – OMREN
Eng. Muneer Ambusaidi, Business Development Manager, EJAAD