MEDRC Constructs Ayni Falaj as part of Youth Water Awareness Program

Part of our mission to find solutions to fresh water scarcity is to promote awareness of water conservation methods and traditions. We also seek to highlight the deep historical respect for water conservation in the cultures of our region.

The Falaj is an original Omani irrigation system, dating back thousands of years and deeply-rooted in the country’s culture and history. As part of our Youth Water Awareness Program we will show visiting schools the workings of the Aflaj and discuss the importance of water and water conservation.

The MEDRC Falaj is a representation of the Ayni Falaj that draws its water directly from springs. Good examples of this type of Aflajs is Falaj Al jaylh in Sur in the south of Al-Sharqyia, a World Heritage Site. Another example is at Al Kasfah in wilayt Ar Rustaq.