MEDRC and Oman Botanic Gardens Show Environmental Benefits of Low Water Plants in Gulf Region

MEDRC and the Oman Botanic Gardens are showcasing the potential of native Omani plant species to drastically reduce water consumption in municipal and domestic settings. In collaboration with the Oman Botanic Gardens, MEDRC has committed to using only low-water consuming plants native to the Sultanate of Oman in our planting in and around the Research Center and its lands. Using only solar desalted seawater we hope to showcase the magnificent flora and fauna of Oman and to show how we can dramatically reduce the amount of water used for municipal planting across the Gulf region. The Oman Botanic Gardens is an enlightened 420 hectare project that seeks to conserve and showcase the botanical heritage of Oman. As part of this project botanists are collecting and planting the unique and often rare flora of the Sultanate through a series of carefully designed naturalistic habitats, mirroring those found across Oman’s stunning and varied landscapes. Examples of the plants being used at MEDRC include Adonsonia digitate, Tamarindus indica, Pennisetum setaceum and Nerium oleander.