MEDRC Alumni events held in Jordan & Palestine

MEDRC Water Research offers exceptionally talented graduates with outstanding academic achievement and/or professional experience in water related subjects, the opportunity to undertake postgraduate study in eligible Master’s Degree programs at universities in Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza. To date, MEDRC Water Research has supported more than 150 Post Graduate students to continue their research and education in the field of Water science.
On the 3rd & 4th of April, 2017, a series of MEDRC Alumni events were held in Amman, Jordan and Ramallah, Palestine and were attended by Brendan Smith of MEDRC Water Research.
The events featured presentations by current MEDRC Water Research Fellows on their thesis research, ranging from such topics as wastewater treatment techniques, case studies in integrated water management, and saline water usage in agriculture and crop cultivation using bacterial treatments.
The events were held in coordination with partner universities in Amman, the West Bank, and with the Palestinian Water Authority.
Jordan Events
Jordan University 
Jordan University of Science & Technology
“The Fate and Impacts of Silver Nanoparticle on the Performance of Wastewater Treatment Process”
“Integrated Water Resources Management Under Crises and Emergency Conditions, Irbid Governorate as a Case Study”
“The Spatial and Temporal Simulation of the Hydrological Water Budget for Yarmouk River Basin under Future Projected Climate Changes”
“Baker’s Yeast Wastewater Treatment by Hybrid Process”

Palestine Events
An Najah National University
Presentations were given by current students on saline water usage in agriculture and crop cultivation using bacterial treatments.