Latest Round of Palestinian Water Research Projects Announced

In 2017 MEDRC Water Research, in conjunction with the Palestinian Water Authority, will support 32 water research projects in Palestine. Each research project brings a world class academic research focus to some of the most pressing water issues facing both Gaza and the West Bank. The projects are conducted by Palestinian researchers at Palestinian Universities. The topics are approved by MEDRC Water Research and the Palestinian Water Authority after an analysis of current water sector needs.

The research will be carried out at An-Najah National University, Birzeit University, Arab American University, Islamic University of Gaza and Al-Azhar University of Gaza. 50% of the research projects are led by female researchers.

Details of each research project is below;
1. Influence of Salinity on Growth Performance and Chemical Composition of Selected Palestinian Medicinal Plants
2. Risk-based Management of Industrial Wastewater in Nablus City
3. Nano Crystalline Cellulose Modified with Imine Functional Group for Wastewater Purification
4. Continuous Flow System ZNO-based Catalysts for Aqueous Chlorinated Hyrdocarbon Degradation with Solar Light
5. Complete Photo-Mineralization of Aqueous Gram+ & Gram- Bacteria and their Organic Content Catalyzed by Nano-ZnO
6. Synthesis of Three Dimensional Cellulose Diamine Polymer for Wastewater Purification
7. Facile Approach to Synthesize Chitosan-based Composite Characterization and Cadmium Ion Absorption Studies
8. Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Kinetics of Alidye Hydrolysis in Alkaline Medium
9. Using Maghemite Nanosorbacts for Absorptive Removal of Alizarin Dye from Aqueous Solution for Wastewater Treatment and    Catalyst Regeneration
10. The Impact of Training in Raising the Efficiency of the Performance of the Straff of Water Service Providers in Palestine
11. Potentiality of Artificial Recharge Techniques in Al-Qilt Catchment Jericho District, Palestine
12. Estimating Losses in Intermittent Supply System and Building a Geometric Network based on GIS Hydraulic Modeling
13. The Determinants of Financial Sustainability for the Palestine Water Service Providers
14. Towards a Sustainable Water Sector: Exploiting Internet of Things for Building a Smart Water Management System
15. Assessment and Prediction of Water Affordability based on Emerging Desalination Trends
16. Development of Advanced Method for Improving the Quality of Grey Water for Domestic and Agricultural Use
17. Environmental, Hydraulic, and Economic Assessment of Brackish Water Intake versus Open Intake for Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant
18. Nitrate Removal from Water using Olive Stone Activated Carbon Prepared by Microwave Heating
19. Feasibility of using Reverse Osmosis in Post-Treatment of Wastewater in Gaza
20. Assessment of Storm Water Infiltration Basins in Gaza Strip
21. The Feasibility of Reusing Treated Effluent from Rafah Wastewater Treatment Plant
22. Optimal Water Resources Management in the Gaza Strip: Using Genetic Algorithm
23. Evaluation of National Management Plans on Seawater Instrusion using Groundwater Modeling and GIS in Gaza Coastal Aquifer
24. Optimization of PV-RO Gaza Central Desalination Plant
25. Development of New Biofilters assisted by TiO2 Nanoparticles for Removal of Water Contamination prior to Desalination Units
26. Electrocoagulation Purification of Greywater for Reuse in Irrigation
27. Removal of Metal Pollutants from Industrial Wastewater Applying Solid Phase Extraction Sorbents of Chemically-Treated Peat Moss
28. Modification of Household Ceramic Filter for Brackish Water Desalination using TiO2 Nanoparticles
29. Determining the Proper Site for Intake System of Seawater Desalination Plant using Remote Sensing – Case Study: Gaza Strip
30. Wastewater Treatment using Mixed Green Microalgae
31. The Effectiveness of using an Intelligent Tutoring System in Water Knowledge and Awareness
32. Wastewater Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal Prior to Aquifer Recharge using Microalgae (Chlorella Vulgaris) – Case Study: North Gaza