Improving Water Hygiene in the Gaza Strip

MEDRC Funds Major Research Project on Medical Wastewater Treatment
The research project was aimed to identify medical wastewater as a first step towards wastewater management in the Gaza Strip.
The main objective is to improve the water status and health hygiene for the residents by treating the medical waste of Al Shifa Hospital and designing a wastewater plant for the hospital.
With very little awareness on the subject, the hospital employees are facing problems with the long-term monitoring of the wastewater and are recommending the execution of a wastewater monitoring program. 
As a result, an awareness session was organized where the hospital employees were given detailed recommendations on how to treat liquid waste (e.g. radioactive liquid, blood, etc.) 
Three students from the Islamic University in Gaza Ayah A. Ghourab, Reham R. Eid and Hanady A. Farhouda worked on the project .MEDRC especially supported female professionals in the field of water research.