Deadline Extension Announced: RFP Call

MEDRC has extended its deadline for applicants to respond to its USAID backed request for research proposal (RFP) supporting the development of small-scale  desalination units capable of supporting a family with limited or no access to fresh water. The new deadline is May 13,2020, 16:00 GST

The Humanitarian Desalination Challenge Pathway Research Grants aim to deliver an innovative family sized (120 liters of water per day) brackish desalination device as a precursor or earlier generation to the hand held device that the Challenge Prize looks for.

MEDRC will award up to four Pathway Research Grants up to a maximum of $90,000 each in 2020. They will be advertised through 2 calls for research issued by MEDRC in 2020, with the second call expected to be made in June.

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