Building Technical Competence and Promoting Excellence in the Water Sector in Palestine

A Six Day Training to Support Capacity in the Water Sector, Gaza

The event was co-hosted by the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) and the Coastal Municipality Water Utility (CMWU) between the 17th and 24th of May. 21 participants, mainly engineers, technicians and plant operator took part in the training. The trainings content was “Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant –trouble shooting and Non-Routine Maintenance” and was especially tailored for the Dier Al Balah Plant in Gaza. Main content of the training was the long-term monitoring to avoid technical problems, chemical cleaning, treatment and pretreatment of the plant. The training consisted of a theoretical and practical training. The practical training was conducted at the Dier Al Balah plant.

MEDRC in cooperation with the PWA and the CMWU conducts since 2015 hands-on in-country trainings in Palestine to support plant operators, engineers and technicians directly at the plants.

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