An-Najah National University, Palestine, Hosts Inaugural MEDRC Alumni Forum

December 11th 2018: Organized by the Department of Chemistry at An- Najah University and held in association with the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) the forum aimed to bring together leading ‎academic scientists, researchers and ‎research scholars to exchange knowledge,share experiences and research results on all ‎aspects of Water Purification and ‎Wastewater Management.

The forum specifically sought to;
– Expand scientific research skills among graduate students assisting the development of scientific ‎research and publication. ‎
– Develop the general knowledge of participating students on methodologies used in scientific ‎exploration
‎- Review research papers in the field of Water Desalination and assessing their relevance to ‎community needs.‎
– Emphasize the role of Palestinian universities as a source of knowledge development and ‎highlight their role in community service.‎
– Promote and develop scientific research among researchers, professors and students.‎
‎- Encouraging creativity and excellence among graduate students through active participation in the ‎conference.‎
– Act as a platform to help promote and develop entrepreneurial talent.

Two time MEDRC Fellow Ms. Bayan Khalaf (MSc & PhD) was appointed chair of the the Student Steering Committee. The committee, formed of MEDRC Fellows, were responsible for curating the forum with assistance provided by MEDRC, it’s regional partners and participating universities. Among the topics discussed were:

– Water pollution and aquaculture
– Purification of drinking-water ‎supplies
– Water pollution and environmental ‎engineering
– Treatment, disposal and discharge ‎of wastewater
– Wastewater treatment technologies
– Methods of monitoring water ‎quality
– Modelling and measuring of water ‎pollution
– Water purification technologies
– Ground water pollution control
– Water resources and quality ‎assessment