2nd Middle East Oilfield Produced Water Management Conference & Exhibition

The Middle East Oilfield Produced Water Management Conference, is assembling for the second bi-annual platform, which has been created to couple together industrial challenges with viable, cost effective technology. The program will not only be inclusive of the petroleum sector, but also include partners from the agricultural and municipal sectors, to address policies and brainstorm feasible channels for oilfield produced water reuse. Keeping the current low oil crude prices in mind, technology has a great role to play in making oilfield produced water cost efficient and more viable; the program will therefore commence under the theme of ‘Treatment of hyper saline water and produced water with back produced Chemical EOR and uitilization’. The Sultanate’s key stakeholders, the Ministry of Oil & Gas, PDO and the Research Council as well as NGO’s such as the Oman Water Society and international organization such as the Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC) will attract abstracts from Oman and the GCC and other countries.

If you would like to engage this program with your experience, technology, products or services, please submit an abstract for committee review by 7th August 2016.