The MEDRC Continued Professional Education & Training in Water (CPET) Program is the only high quality specialized desalination training program in the region.

The program is divided into certain levels. Each level is tailored for various positions. 

Entry  Level                                                                       
- New Comers in RO Desalination
- Students
- Farmers 
- RO Plant contracting company technicians
RO Level 1 & 2                                                                       
- Engineers (Oil & Gas, staff involved with procurement of water  treatment plants, staff involved in the policy and planning of water  treatment facilities, Designers)
- Professional Technicians who are or will be operating Desalination  plants 
- Plants processing waste water for reuse
RO Level 3                                                                       
- Engineers (Oil & Gas, staff involved with procurement of water    treatment plants, staff involved in the policy and planning of water  treatment facilities, Designers)
- Professional Technicians who are or will be operating Desalination     plants 
- Plants processing waste water for reuse
- Research & Academics 
Hands On Training (on MEDRC's Pilot Plant)                                                                        
- RO Plant Buyers
- Design Engineers 
- Plant Engineers 
- Managers
- Service Technicians 
- Supervisors 
Chemical Cleaning & Process Lab Courses:                                - RO Plant buyers
- Operators 
- RO Plant contracting company technicians
- Farmers

Course Development

Our Trainers are internationally renowned experts in their fields. We work with the best content providers globally. Crucially we ensure all of our programs are continuously updated to match the most up-to-date technology and equipment needs.

Only International Experts and Consultants permanently involved or exposed to design, construction and operation of various sizes of plants are selected.

David H Paul

is the President  of David H. Paul, Inc. (DHP), an advanced water treatment training and consulting firm. David has 36 years of operating, managing, training and consulting experience in membrane water treatment. He has published over 160 technical articles and papers, of which many have been for Water Technology, Water & Wastes Digest and Water Conditioning and Purification. He has trained many times at the WQA Annual Conference and has held seminars at the WQA Headquarters. He has created and administers many on-line, on-site, and on-campus training programs in advanced water treatment. He holds a B.S. degree in biology and an M.S. degree in microbiology.

The courses selected from his wide offer of training sessions in the domain of  Sea Water desalination are:

  • SWRO Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • SWRO System Operation & Features of Optimal design

Nikolay Voutchkov PE, BCEE

President, Water Globe Consulting, LLC. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of desalination and water reuse, and currently works as an independent technical advisor to public utilities and private companies implementing large desalination projects in the Middle East, Australia, South Africa and the USA.  At present, Mr. Voutchkov provides RO desalination plant operation optimization and troubleshooting services for large SWRO desalination plants in Oman, Bahrain, and the UAE.  He has extensive expertise with all phases of project delivery: from conceptual scoping, pilot testing and feasibility analysis; to front-end and detailed project design; contractor procurement; project construction and operation optimization and troubleshooting.  For over 11 years prior to establishing his project advisory firm, Mr. Voutchkov was a Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Technical Director for Poseidon Resources, a private company involved in the development of the largest seawater desalination projects in the USA. Mr. Voutchkov has published over 30 technical articles and co-authored 10 books on membrane water treatment and desalination (additional information included with the course description)

 The courses selected from the domain of Sea Water desalination are:

  • Pre-treatment for Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants
  • Seawater RO System Design
  • Cost Estimating of Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants

Dr. Julian Blanco Galvezis

is Course director at the Head of Environmental   Applications of Solar Energy unit of CIEMAT and Operating Agent of Solar PACES Task VI (Solar Energy and Water Processes and Applications). He has a large experience in the coordination and development of international R&D projects. He is the author of 7 books, 18 chapters and more than 60 SCI publications.Dr. Blanco is part of many Scientific Advisory Boards and publication Boards like USDA, ANEP, AEDES UNSAM, and active representative of International Institutions. He developed many relations in the Gulf in particular with KSU of Saudi Arabia.

 The course selected from his domain of expertise is:

Solar Desalination

MEDRC has access to a wide network of International Trainers and Experts who can be selected to meet your specific training requirement in the field of Desalination, Waste Water treatment and Reuse.