The Training Center


Only Dedicated Desalination Training Center in Middle East

Hands-On Training - 3MHR RO Training Plant With Pre & Post Treatment

Courses From Basic Operations to Plant Design & Management   

Internationally Renowned Expert Trainers At All Levels 



Designed by MEDRC for reasearch & training purposes, the RO plant contains all the systems and processes of much largerplants. The training plant will teach the trainees the various practical steps to operate and maintain much larger plants. 

The training plant has the following characteristics:

1) Extensive flexibility to adjust the following parameters:
Product water quality
Product water quantity
Feed Water salinity
2) Extra instrumentation to receive a deep understating of every step of the process
3) Extra sampling points
4) Create problems (like: Chemical Attack, Scaling & fouling) in the RO plant in order to teach  trainees on troubleshooting
5) Training includes classroom instruction in the theoretical aspects of the technologies and practical training in water processing
  • 6) Actual processing under operating conditions using processing equipment
  • 7) CPETWater offers training by highly qualified professional instructors
  • 8) Trainee proficiency will be tested by formal examinations
  • 9) Certificates will be awarded to those successfullly completing the training