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Pump Operator and Maintenance Course

  • COURSE DATES: 12th - 15th November, 2017
  • DAYS: 4
  • LOCATION: MEDRC Training Facility
  • E.B.**: 760 OMR
  • IF REG. BY: Thursday, 05 October 2017
  • FINAL REGISTRATION DAY: Thursday, 26 October 2017

1. Objective:

This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to understand basic Centrifugal Pump and Energy Recovery Device (ERC) theory. It is centered on operation and maintenance prodecures.

Upon completion of this course, each participant will be able to:-

• Understand the process design and operating procedures
• Describe DWEER operating principles
• Understand DWEER installation and maintenance procedures (practical hands on activities are included subject to the customer making the DWEER equipment available)
• Basic Troubleshooting
• Understand general and preventative pump maintenance procedures

2. Who should attend this course:

Service, maintenance, machine repair, or engineering staff of an industrial plant. Individuals who have direct involvement or responsibility for pump installation, performance and maintenance.

3. Course duration:

This is a 4 day course

4. Course instructor:

Stefano Malandrino joined Flowserve in 2012 as a Field Service Engineer. He has traveled around the world and reinforced his personal experience on pumps and seals commissioning,overhauling and troubleshooting with a strong “hands-on” experience especially focused on,but not limited to, concentrated solar power plants, refineries, water desalination plant and power generation plants. During this experience he was also certified by Mobius Institute as a Vibration Analyst Cat.-I. On February 2016 he joined the Flowserve Educational Services team, as a Technical Training Specialist located in Desio LRC (Italy) where he delivers training mainly for centrifugal pumps both to internals and to customers located in the whole EMEA region.

5. Agenda:

NOTE: Duration may vary according to class interaction and training flow.

Day 1:
Welcome introduction
Safety briefing
Desalination Process:
Desalination process
Desalination applications
Desalination operation and aspects
Process Design:
Operation and system integration
Start – up /Shut down / Venting
Duty point
Overall performance
Operating aspects
Dweer principles
DWEER operation and system integration
Duty point
Understanding operating at Best Efficiency Point

Course time: 8am – 4pm / Morning Coffee: 10am – 10.15am / Lunch: 12.45pm – 13.45pm

General Pump Basics:
Why are pumps necessary?
Why do pumps fail?
Pump components
Pump theory:
How pumps work
Centrifugal pump performance curves
Pump head capacity curves
Series and paralled operation
Understanding operation conditions away from Best Efficiency Point BEP
Centrifugal pump types:
 Types of centrifugal pumps for desalination applications

Course time: 8am – 4pm / Morning Coffee: 10am – 10.15am / Lunch: 12.45pm – 13.45pm

Day 3
General Pump Maintenance:
Equipment checks and standard practices
Maintenance schedule
Part inspection
Pump Seals
Measurement devices:
Commonly used measuring equipment
Reading a micrometer
Using a micrometer
Hands on and experiment
Measurement checks & practices:
Equipment checks
Bearing checks
Visual checks for cavitation damage
Visual check for impeller balance
Shaft radial deflections
Shaft run out
Pump case eccentricity
Box concentricity to shaft
Power end to shaft concentricity
Mechanical seal re installment
Hands on and experiment
General Pump Operation:
Pump operation basics
Starting a pump
Shutting down a pump

Course time:8am – 4pm / Morning Coffee: 10am – 10.15am / Lunch: 12.45pm – 13.45pm


for additional information contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +968 24 41 55 31 

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