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MEDRC Research Program is about bringing the best regional and global expertise together to help find solutions to fresh water scarcity. Since 1996 MEDRC has supported 200 water research projects involving the best regional and global expertise together along with regional researchers from 34 countries that include Master's & PhD water research scholarships awarded to more than 115 regional nationals to study internationally, regionally and locally. More than 300 scientific publications have been produced and countless expert workshops, knowledge transfer programs have been conducted across the MENA region.

Efficient desalination, better water reuse and a shift to
renewable technology is urgently needed to enable us rise to the challenge of fresh water scarcity. In that regard, we aim specifically at conducting, facilitating, and promoting basic & applied research in the water
desalination field.

MEDRC Water Research is a recognized regional center of excellence that boosts research on reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technologies and renewable energies based desalination and dealing with environmental impact concerns as well.

Its vision aims at becoming the regional hub for exchanging and transferring knowledge on the most
innovative and efficient technologies of desalinationbetween and within the MENA countries, including the hosting country Oman.

For any further information, please contact the Research Department:

Dr. Jauad El Kharraz
Head of Research
Tel: +968 24 41 55 29
Fax: +968 24 41 55 41

Ms. Ayisha Al-Hinaai
Research Officer
Tel: +968 24 41 55 29
Fax: +968 24 41 55 41