Research and Training

Strategic Training Program

MEDRC has developed a small bespoke training program to respond to specific areas of need of the PWA and JVA. This is primarily practical, and focused at a local level in the Jordan Valley in Jordan, Gaza and West Bank.
The training program will be agreed every year with the PWA and the JVA as per their priorities. The training program for 2016 included small scale trainings on the operation and maintenance of small RO plants and a plant maintenance manual in Arabic.

Technical Mission

Building technical competence and promoting excellence in the water sector is a key objective of MEDRC’s technical capacity building program.
The rationale behind the activity is to improve and strengthen technical capacity in Palestine and Jordan by installing, refurbishing and monitoring RO training and applied research plants in the Jordan Valley, West Bank and Gaza.
A RO plant manual for small scale operators in Arabic can be found here (link to manual).

Test Bench Gaza 

The Gaza Test Bench is a small scale NF-RO (nanofiltration and reverse osmosis) desalination testing plant which provides the opportunity for hands-on training and development of water sector professionals using cuting edge water treatment technologies. The facility provides the necessary teaching infrastructure for learning advanced desalination techniques in country, providing for the design, construction and funding of the facility. The Gaza Test Bench is an important initiative to address the technical capacity gaps and pressing water problems in Gaza. Designed by MEDRC and built by and international construction company, the test bench will be used by MEDRC fellows in their Master's research projects.

Continued Professional Education and Training (CPET)

Under this activity, nominated candidates from the PWA and the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan, will participate in MEDRC’s Continued Professional and Educational Training (CPET) Program. The CPET Program provides high quality specialized training for engineers and professional technicians who are or will be operating in desalination plants or plans processing waste water for reuse.
For more information please visit the Training page.