A unique initiative to support research capacity in Jordan and the Palestinian Territories, MEDRC offers the opportunity to undertake postgraduate study at universities in Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza. MEDRC Fellowships are offered in partnership with the Palestinian Water Authority and the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan. MEDRC Research Fellows are committed to the further development of water management, desalination or reuse in their respective countries. Alumni are part of an extensive network, stimulating international dialogue and cross-cultural exchange.


ahmed 'MEDRC has supported me in my research in the water sector, especially in my field herbicides and recycling. Being able to work scientifically changed my world of thinking. Due to my research I decide to work in my future career in environmental issues linked to water.'
Ahmed Musabeh, MSc Candidate, Al Azhar University Gaza, Department of Chemistry (Palestian Program, Al Azhar University Gaza, 2015 - 2016)
 ahmed ''The subject of my thesis supported by MEDRC was about treatment of wastewater in Sheikh Ejlein plant. Beside my personlal scientific development, I realized how much I can do for other people with my research.'
Najma Abu Jamee, MSc Candidate, Department of Engineering, Al Azhar University (Palestine Program, Al Azhar University, 2013-2015)
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jalal ‘The Fellowship was an important part of my academic journey. MEDRC provides more than financial support, I benefited from its wide experience in desalination technologies and water treatment, met experts from around the world and gained access to the database; and a wide range of electronic resources.’
Jalal Bsharat, Technical Manager, Water Supply and Sewerage Authority, Bethlehm, Beit Sahour and Beit Jala (WSSA) (West Bank Program, Bir Zeit University, 2012 -2014)
ahmed 'MEDRC was more than helpful during my studies.The encouragement I received from MEDRC team was amazing. I am so glad to have found this regional research facility interested in advancing desalination studies in the Middle East. MEDRC truly is a game changer.’
Suekainah Sulaiman Hasan Al-Ratrout, Reseacher, Department of Chemistry, JOrdan Universityof Science and Technology (Jordan Program, Jordan University of Science and Technology, 2014-2015)