The Development Cooperation Program supports development and builds capacity in the areas of most need in the water sectors in Palestine and Jordan. It is implemented in collaboration with the Palestinian Water Authority, The Ministry of Water & Irrigation, Jordan and the Jordan Valley Authority.

MEDRC activities correspond to the following priority areas, which are complementary and mutually reinforcing:

Capacity Building and Training

Building technical competence and promoting excellence in the water sector is a key objective of training and capacity building activities.

Enhancing Research and Innovation

Innovating to manage scarce water resources informs programs under this heading, which includes promoting centers of research excellence, building and maintaining networks and creating sustainable links for Integrated Water Resource Management.

Expertise and Dialogue Support

Responding to the strategic needs of MEDRC's primary water sector partners, MEDRC focuses on harnessing strategic expertise, providing a forum for dialogue and building a platform for cooperation.The format, schedule and content of the program is designed to identify training needs and capacity gaps on water sector issues, management and policy.

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